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Based locally in Birmingham we specialise in delivering aerial photography and videography for surveying, advertising, marketing and planning purposes.

Delivering outstanding aerial images and video for clients across the United Kingdom.

  • PFCO (Drone flying permit) holders from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Insured up-to 5-million.
  • CSCS card holders for the construction industry.
  • Specialist Insured up-to 10 millon.
  • EST 2012 - LTD CO & VAT Registered
  • Aerial live view to ground station.
  • List Item

The perfect birds eye view.

Aerial photography is the answer for a birds eye view. A view which can be useful in so many ways. Whether that be for aerial advertising images/ promotional videos, aerial photography surveys, insurance purposes or to be used in a corporate video production. We strive to ensure everyone of our customers has an outstanding experience whilst abiding by the relevant aviation laws. See more of our aerial portfolio here.

Experienced team.
Qualified with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) We’ve been flying using aerial photography equipment since 2008, now in 2019 we’re able to capture 4K footage from up-to 120m high. Each project is unique, we’re there from start to finish. Helping our clients with a bespoke aerial service. Meet the team here.

Our Clients Vary.
Construction, property visuals, television, agriculture, videographers, surveyors, property agents, roofing companies, law firms, large brands such as Virgin, M&S, Tesco and their relevant social media platforms, any many many more.

New to us?
Watch our intro video from James here; If this is the first time you’ve visited us, we highly recommend you view our FAQ / Portfolio and send us a online quote for aerial work.