Drone roof survey in Worcestershire – Hartlebury Trading Estate photography.

This week we’ve been working with a new client of ours on the Hartlebury Trading Estate in Worcestershire. We we’re required for a drone roof survey on a industrial property whilst it was in use. Images were required to document a new ventilation system and any damage to the roof for a new internal report.

Here we have a small selection of images showing some of the work we did on the day.

During this aerial project we managed to locate a safe landing and takeoff zone away from pedestrians giving us plenty of room for manoeuvring our machines during takeoff and landing.

roof-photography-wide jamesbastable-roof-photography-9

As you can see in the above image clearly showing the corrosion from the factory works inside.


A very enjoyable project with a new client, looking forward to re-visiting soon!