Frequently Asked Questions

What is your maximum range?
500m line of sight from pilot.

What is your maximum hight?
400ft / 120m

Camera specs?
Important Specifications.
4k 25fps – or 1080p at 60fps.
16MP Still images – RAW Files

Can we live view from the sky?
We can supply a 2nd monitor for viewing by our client and/or observer. Images are transferred instantly to the ground for real time image reviewing and composition.

How does the weather affect our project? 
We check the weather 48hrs and 24hrs before our project and may need to re-arrange. More information here.

Can you operate in wind?
We’re capable of flying in wind conditions past most other aerial photography systems up-to 15mph.

Do you use a helicopter?
We use UAS’s which are more cost effective, combined with compact system cameras we’re faster to deploy and quieter than a helicopter.

Where are you based and what areas do you cover?
We’re based in Birmingham UK and travel throughout the UK depending on our clients requirements.

Is using a drone onsite safe? / How can you ensure safety when visiting us?
Using a common sense approach with strict health and safety requirements each project is analysed to ensure every risk is greatly reduced or none existant. Measures such as perimeters, personnel briefings and onsite surveys help ensure we’re as safe as possible.

Are you licence and insured?
Yes we have a PFCO (Permission for commercial operations) from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Can we photograph something from the air which isn’t our property?
Yes but it needs to be legal. We need the landowners permission from our take off location. When in the air we have free roam and can capture images in any direction.

What equipment do you use?
Compact system cameras. Our aerial photography equipment for legal use in the UK.  The main machine is a T600 X5. The latest technology from leaders in the UAS (unmanned aerial system) industry.