Aerial Roof Survey in Edgbaston Birmingham

Edgbaston has been our number one location for aerial roof surveys in 2019, something about the old buildings keeps us returning for roof surveys in Birmingham.

This week we’ve been working directly with another homeowner on a 3 storey listed property. This time the homeowner was investigating damp issues and wanted to see for himself exactly what was going on up there.

We took our client monitor, an external monitor allowing our client to see exactly what we were seeing on the job. Enabling him to live view at the same time of recording the footage.

This client found us after searching for an alternative to the usual lengthy process of erecting scaffold, then waiting for someone to from a roofing or building company to investigate and then waiting for a report or quote to come through.

Using our drone systems the client could see first hand, exactly what was happening on his roof. We found lead flashings which had come away from the brick, missing tiles and mortar which needed repointing.

Although we’re not qualified building surveyors, we expressed our opinion and using our images our client got the professional repair they needed within their budget!

Heres some examples, in total we delivered 80 aerial images on this project to our client.

If we could be of assistance with your aerial roof photography get in touch here.