Aerial Inspections & Roof Surveys

  • Reduced risk
  • Cost effective – Less than traditional scaffolding
  • Any sized building
  • Faster than MEWP/Cherry Picker or erecting scaffolding
  • get closer at any height
  • large and small properties
  • 4k video and high resolution photographs   

Drone roof inspections are a completely unique way of viewing a roof or high up part of a building. No longer are you required to erect scaffolding up a property or have your old or damaged roof walked on by a human with the risk of causing further damage. 

For visual inspections drones can complete the same task.

Many of our clients have damaged chimneys, leaking roofs through damaged flashings, slipped tiles or blockages in areas which can’t be seen from the ground.  

Our services are used alongside professional building surveyors, in many cases for their reports to show findings to be actioned by either roofers or to document for insurance companies. You can also hire us independently from any surveyor, roofer or builder. Giving you complete peace of mind.

Our clients also include trades such as roofers and builders themselves. We can often arrive onsite, capture the content required to diagnose a problem and deliver the images the same day. 

When comparing this to the time and cost of erecting scaffolding including having a person physically on the roof. The low comparable costs and low risk involved with our work makes our services very desirable. 

Working throughout the West Midlands we also occasionally travel internationally for larger projects. 

Our main areas include, Birmingham, Walsall, Tamworth, Solihull, Coventry and, Worcester.

example inspection photos

Please note, to keep our website speedy, reducing the file sizes the following images are “web resolution” 

The final delivered photo / video contains much greater detail.

FAQ - roof inspection

  • Who flys? Drone Pilot; James, professional aerial photographer
  • How long have you been doing this type of work? 15 years flying experience.
  • How do we get started? Get in touch for a free pre shoot consultation.
  • How many MP are the photos? Up-to 48MP Photography
  • How long for a property will you be onsite? Approximately 2 hours on location for a residential roof inspection.
  • How soon do we get the images? Post production – 2 days required.
  • How many image? 50-100 images delivered.
  • Can you do video? Yes if required we can delivery 4k video.
  • What happens after? 30min phone breakdown after project delivery, to run through the images and ensure the project is completed satisfactorily. 

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