Aerial Inspections & Roof Surveys

  • Reduced risk
  • Cost effective – Less than traditional scaffolding
  • Any sized building
  • Faster than MEWP/Cherry Picker or erecting scaffolding
  • get closer at any height
  • large and small properties
  • 4k video and high resolution photographs

FAQ - roof inspection

  • Who flys? Drone Pilot; James, professional aerial photographer
  • How long have you been doing this type of work? 15 years flying experience.
  • How do we get started? Fill in our book a survey form below 
  • How many MP are the photos? Up-to 48MP Photography
  • How long for a property will you be onsite? Approximately 2 hours on location for a residential roof inspection.
  • How soon do we get the images? Post production – 2 days required.
  • How many image? 50-100 images delivered.
  • Can you do video? Yes if required we can delivery 4k video.
  • What happens after? 30min phone breakdown after project delivery, to run through the images and ensure the project is completed satisfactorily. 


Simply fill in the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.