Drone Regulations

PFCO – FPAW – CAA Approved PFAW 2015 Onwards
Required for remotely piloted aircraft operating commercially within the UK. The UK Civil Aviation Authority have granted us permission to use our aircraft for capturing photographs and video up-to 400ft/120m AGL (above ground level). 


CSCS certified, HS&E tested our clients can rest assured we’re familiar with the relevant safety requirements.

We’re insured through a specialist UAV insurer specialising in our industry. Covered up-to 2 Million in damages, if further coverage required we can extend this to 5 million.

Pre – Flight
Everyones safety is of the highest priority when operating a remotely piloted aircraft. Prior to all flights we review the site with a full and thorough risk assessment. Risks regarding terrain, public, wildlife and other potential hazards. Also reviewing the airspace above the land to ensure we’re not conflicting with any manned aircraft.